Set of 2 Ceramic White Owl Flowerpots With Bamboo Tray Holder

  • $21.58

  • High-Quality Ceramic: 2pcs Owl pots are made of natural clay and other mineral substances without any chemical additives, The pots baked in high temperatures feature superior hardness, strength and wear resistance.
  • Drainage Hole: The drainage hole on the bottom of each flower pot is enlarged to ensure good ventilation and prevent butt rot or mold growth.
  • Lovely Owl Pots: attractive owl pot is perfect to decorate your balcony, windowsill, dining table, office desk, and room, adding a little fun to life.
  • High-Quality Bamboo: Bamboo Base is made of 4- or 5-year aged Moso bamboos. The product has been machine polished, followed by a manual polish process, to create a finer and smoother surface.